11 August 2021

International Trade Virtual Series

Please find attached our new publication within „International Trade Virtual Series”
27 July 2021

Establishing Growth

Please find attached a new publication on the subject of “Establishing Growth”
26 June 2021

Financial market forecasts

Interview with Dr. Rafał Kusy, which appeared in the last issue of the magazine "Kapitał Polski"
14 June 2021

Swiss Franc Mortgages in Poland (trhitd part)

Our next contribution on the subject of Swiss Franc Mortgages in Poland in the light of the recent judgement of the Polish Supreme Court
11 May 2021

Guide for Central and Eastern Europe

Please find attached our joint IR Global  – members publication “Guide for Central and Eastern Europe”
7 May 2021

Swiss Franc Mortgages in Poland (second part)

Swiss Franc Mortgages and the so-called “Swiss Franc Act” (2015 and 2020) In 2015 the so–called “Swiss Franc Act” was enacted aiming at providing financial support  […]
23 March 2021

Swiss Franc Mortgages in Poland

Definition of a Swiss Franc Mortgage A mortgage loan in Swiss currency – CHF (so-called “Swiss Franc Loan”) means an obligation on the credit undertaken in […]
21 March 2021

Emerging Markets & Digital Revolution

A prime location for any international investments – additional thought and considerations
4 March 2021

Post Covid-19 and the Financial Market – Predictions, second part

Deferred consumer demand and an export boom will be a driving force for the Polish economy in 2021.
20 February 2021

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Register

Please find below our recent contribution on Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Register.
18 February 2021

Post Covid-19 and the Financial Market-Predictions

The Covid–19 Pandemic broke out at the end 2019 and it had a negative impact on the global financial market. The main events that may occur […]
8 February 2021

Trade Secrets

In recent times, new regulations regarding trade secrets have been introduced by governments worldwide.

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